dragon boat festival英语手抄报资料

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dragon boat festival英语手抄报资料

Dragon Boat Festival is one of the largest traditional holiday in China. So what do chinese do in Dragon Boat Festival? In such a big holiday,people come outside home to take diferent kinds of activities to celebrate it. One of the biggest activities that most people will participate in is the dragon baot race. before the competition,all the competitors will be divided into several groups,and prepare for the race which is coming soon. When the competition start,all the competitors do their best to boat. You can see many "dragons" are swimming cross the river as soon as they can. You can also hear people cheering on shore. You may have a lot of fun. people boat in Dragon Boat Festival,so what people eat in such a holiday? Chinese eat zhongzi that is a kind of food which is wrapped by leaves and inside is glutinous rice.

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